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Rita Ora Blames ‘Hacker’ After Twitter Fan Promo Backfires!!!

On Halloween, pop singer Rita Ora made a special promise to her Twitter fans: “Dropping my new song Monday if this gets 100,000 retweets,” she wrote.

Sounds good, right? Ora has almost four million followers, so the promo was basically a lock. Or so she must have thought: when the message picked up less than 2,000 retweets, it was clear that she was going to finish a long way short of her lofty target.

So she deleted the tweet.

however the consequences of the failed prom and her attempting to remove the evidence caused quit alot of backlash in the Facebook community both fans and others which caused a hell of a lot of shame to be shoot at her.

so what did Rita Ora do to get her self out of this hole:,apologize,make the actual freaking song,kill herself from the shame.

No she blamed hackers. -__-

Rita Ora Blames 'Hacker' After Twitter Fan Promo Backfires