The Guide:

If a recruit wants to get their skills and strengths noticed by employers, or if an employer wants to look for new recruits, then your best bet is to set up a “linked in” account, as over 277 million employers and recruits are on it world wide, and 94% of recruiters use linked-in because of its popularity. This in turn increases their visibility to a wide range of future employers, and is the 16th most viewed website in the world. However the first step to getting notched by these future employers is to make a profile that really stands out, and that’s professional. After all, with over 277 million people on it, there’s quite a lot of competition. So here are some ways for you to cut through and rise above it. (Business insider, 2014).

First off, get a professional profile picture sorted, as one of the most important things on your profile will be the profile picture, as it is the only thing on there that people can relate to you by, and also will count as their first impression of you, and every one knows first impressions matter the most. In fact, just by simply having a profile picture in the first place, your blog is, “14x more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture.” (, 2014).

Clearly display all your contact information, such as; phone, email, fax, website, the work’s, as obviously, without this, employers and recruits won’t be able to reach you. You can use Linkedin’s messaging system, however only people with a paid account can use this feature. Put your email address in, but bare in mind, only people you’re connected to can see it. (, 2014).

Make sure your summary really captivates your potential employers attention, by really showing off your skills, expertise and appetite for learning experiences and new challenges, in a way that sets you apart from the crowd of other people within your field. Make it seem like you’re the best possible person they need for the job. Also don’t ever think any type of past experience is too small, such as: you helped a member of your family with a summer job for a few days or you baby sat some children one time, because that experience, no matter how small, could just be exactly the type of experience they’re looking for, and could very well set you aside from all the other employees applying for the same job. Remember though, it’s about finding a job you love as well, so try and be more specific about what role you want in a job, what type of company suites you best, and what technology are you interested in. This will help you narrow down your audience towards the dream job you are looking for. (, 2014).

Perhaps you could make your profile a bit more original and unique by utilizing a “Slideshare” profile from (, and adding a PowerPoint attachment to it about yourself or your experience. This is also a way to demonstrate your skills clearly and effectively to any employers who might be looking at your profile. “SlideShare” is connected with “Linkedin”, so once you’re finished making one, it can be integrated into your profile with ease. For example you could do a slide share that lists and describes your key strengths, or the places you’ve worked at and what your job role was there. This is sure to set anyone aside from the crowd. Maybe you could even add an infographic to your profile, try going on (, they have hundreds to choose from. Unfortunately it doesn’t have “Linkedin” as a share option, so integrating it won’t be as easy, however there is a “Slideshare” option so you can just export it onto Slideshare and then straight onto your Linkedin profile that way. Be advised though this share widget is still in its Beta phase, so you might experience some bugs or other problems when using it. So it might be best to just download it a put it straight on manually. Just copy and paste the URL on to Linkedin.

Increases your Linkedin profiles visibility and share ability, by adding external links in your portfolio, that lead to your other domains on the web, such as. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be advised though to make sure these external sites are professional to some extent, especially the blogs. This will increases your audiences recognition of you. The better your content on these blogs or social networks the more people will follow you, and if they like them, in turn they may like your Linkedin profile and follow you on that as well. Be aware also that you add external links on your other sites, leading back to your Linkedin profile, so that there’s less chance of users getting lost trying to find it, and in turn this will increase your visibility. Also apply this strategy to your posts as it will increase the share ability of them, and also by adding Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook widgets, that way the people on Facebook and Twitter who see your post’s and like them, will watch and follow you to your Linkedin profile as well, increasing your visibility even more. You could also try using Linkedin Badges on your other domains and websites to start.

One of the most important things however is to understand how Linkedin’s search engine optics or (SEO) for short, work. This is basically how Linkedin’s search engine works, what it judges a profiles direction and what it is about on, and what information does it show and hide. This is very important, because if you understand the methodology of Linkedin’s (SEO), you might be able to use that knowledge to get on the front page of Linkedin’s search results. If that happens then your profile will get huge amounts of visibility, and you’ll be swimming in many watchers, and if you’ve linked your other web domains, such as: blogs, Twitter, Facebook. Then they in turn will increase in visibility as well.

So here are some tips on how to get to the top of Likedin’s search page. (Entrepreneurs-journey, 2014):

It’s Dumb:

  • Remember, Linkedin only searches inside its own website, unlike Google.

Keywords Are The Key:

  • It looks at your current and past job titles, the more times that same title pops up, the higher it’ll rank you. The engine will also look for key words on your headline as well.
  • You Need Connections:


  • the search results are personalized to the one who is searching them.


     (Entrepreneurs-journey, 2014).


So you could make sure your profile appears on at least one of the first 5 pages of results on Google’s search engine, seeing as Google makes up 80% of overall web traffic.

You can also add in keywords, search engines love keywords, especially Google.

By updating your blogs regularly, this will increase their traffic dramatically, as most people tend to enjoy profiles or blogs that are constantly been updated. Try to remember any interesting little thing that’s happened to you during the day or week, perhaps you helped someone with an odd job, or did some work experience with a company. Remember! nothing is too small to put down, if it’s something that demonstrates the skills or experience that you’ve gained, then it’s useful. This is also important because according to search engine optics (SEO), search engines like the one used by Linkedin, judge the on timeframe of the content. It stores old content at the back, and new updated content at the front of its results. So the more you update your profile, the more pages it will climb, until eventually it might even reach the front page, and if that happens you’re laughing as you’ll have great visibility.

Keep your profile tidy and organized, using too many options for your Linkedin fields, such as; experience, education, coursework, volunteering, etc, your profile can increases in size rapidly. This not only makes you look unprofessional, but also might make it hard for people to navigate through your profile because of its vast size. So you can get organized by making your descriptions easily scannable, and use a vast amount of bullet points, as this is what (Jeff Hodgkinson) does, he has over 500+ contacts and his profile is considered one of the very best out there. By doing this it will make navigation around your site much easier and make you look much more professional, which in turn will increase the people following you. (, 2014).

You can also try making your own custom made Linkedin URL, it’s a much easier way for people to contact you, and depending on how unique you make it, it can be very memorable to them as well. (Support Twitter, 2014). Also it will make it easier for search engines to recognize you. Better still if you see another member who has a URL you like, then if he changes it, his old URL that you liked will be up for grabs in 180 days. Be sure not to use any spaces, symbols, or special characters, as these don’t register. (, 2014).

Remember connection goes both ways, so don’t wait around for people to link or add you as a contact. You need to get out there and link and add them as well.

If you’re looking for a job in a new city, then perhaps you should try updating your location to that city. It may sound simple, but trust me it’s a key trick that’s easily overlooked too much. Its important because the city you select determines what contacts you get, and the jobs, Linkedin recommends. So if you select a city you don’t want to work in, then chances are you’ll end up getting job recommendations there. (, 2014).

If during your job experiences you have a many longer engagements, then your in luck, as this is a good sign, and tells employers you have long term commitment, which is a very important trait to them, as it indicates any commitment from them in training, etc, will be used within their company and not taken elsewhere. This is especial useful if you’re looking for certain types of jobs, where a lot of expensive training is needed for the employee. Write a section in your Summary about the career path you want to take and the aspirations you have. Most importantly though confirm that you’re willing to make a serious and long term commitment to any new employers. This will ensure they take you seriously. (, 2014).

Proof read every post, especially your Summary. Bad spelling and grammar will make you look very unprofessional. Remember, you’re not on Facebook or Twitter. people really do care about correct spelling and it’s a clear sign of laziness or ignorance to employers, it could even cost you a job. If you’re the type of person who isn’t good at grammar, then after you’ve done, spell check everything and ask a member of your family or a friend, who understands the rules of grammar if they’ll proof read it for you, and correct any errors you may have missed. (, 2014).

Don’t lie in your profile, especially your education and job history, as nowadays it is incredibly easy for employers to check if the information is true. If you like it will make you seem like a very unethical and untrustworthy person, which is the complete opposite of what a employer is looking for. No one trusts a liar. (, 2014).

Add personalized notes with your emails to employers and contacts. This will give them an insight into the kind of person you are and if you’re up for the job or not. This might even help in moving straight to a meeting with the prospective employer if they feel they understand you. (, 2014).

Use lots of Linkedin’s many different applications (“Apps”), as these can enhance your profile in multiple ways. For example, if you’re a layer then you can add the “Layer ratings app” to your profile or if you’re an avid blogger on WordPress then add the WordPress App. This will increase your shareability as well as visibility, so take advantage of them. (, 2014).


WhatsApp’s newest feature: read notification


WhatsApp is already starting to enact features similar to Facebook.

Now, the messaging app acquired by Facebook has checkmarks to show that a message has been read. It also shows when a message has been delivered.
WhatsApp wrote about this in the Q&A section:

In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message.
If you only see a single check mark next to your message, there is likely nothing wrong with WhatsApp or your phone. There may be several reasons why your message has been sent, but not delivered to your chat partner:
Their phone might be off.
They could be sleeping, especially if they live in a different time zone.
They might be experiencing network connection issues.
They might have seen the notification on their screen, but did not launch the app (especially common if the recipient uses an iPhone).
They might have blocked you. For more information read this article.
Readers: What other features from Facebook would you want to see in WhatsApp?

Facebook Announces there Anti Ebola Initiatives

thats wright even Facebook is getting involved in the ebola crisis now.

“Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $25 million to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Foundation last month to aid the fight against the Ebola virus, and the social network announced Thursday that it is joining the fight with three related initiatives — offering an easy way for users to donate to the cause, teaming up with UNICEF to provide information and working with NetHope to connect medical and aid workers in affected regions”.

“Ebola-related content was also added to the application for Zambia and Tanzania last”

link to webpage is image


Top 5 ways to create good online content

1   Consider your audience


Try to imagine your audience a little bit better. What topics are they interested in, what do they like and not like. This my seem impossible at first but if you observe your audience closely while you keep posting you will soon start to see a pattern form it been the number of people (likeing) that post or there negative/positive comment ratio on certain posts. The more you observe the more you will understand and will see that this is crucial to keeping your audience.

  2  Keep it short and sweet


There are lots of theories out there on what we think is a acceptable length some think its best to keep it all short and sweet while others think that more long intellectual posts are the way to go. The truth is it all depends on what type of blog you have, if it’s a personal social type of blog then keep it short and sweet as long complex content will belittle your audience, however if you are doing a factual blog about a intelligent subject then more long and informative as short and sweet post will make you look like you don’t know what your talking about or just plain dumb in your audiences eyes.

  3  Sharing is caring


When some one looks at your post and likes it so much they want to share that with their friends it is important that you make that easy for them. Try making links to popular social network sights e.g. twitter, Facebook and instigram, this will ingress your audience awareness of your identity and over all popularity depending on if they like the pots as well. WordPress has loads of online plugins you can use to help you with this.


4 Colour crazy


If the only colour in you blog were black and white then it would be a very boring blog in your audiences’ eyes as both black and white are very dull colours. It is important to keep a colour scheme as its professional but one with more bright and attractive colours such as reds, blues and yellows as this will captivate your audience more than the dull ones.


5  What’s the point?


One of the most, if thee not important thing for a blog is for it to have a point, a goal, a message, a purpose with out one your blog is meaningless and all your posts are irrelevant. Which can leave your audience very confused which leads to them become less and less interested in your random blog until eventually they leave it all together. So that’s why its most important your blog has a point one which engages the audience to keep them interested.