Top 5 ways to create good online content

1   Consider your audience


Try to imagine your audience a little bit better. What topics are they interested in, what do they like and not like. This my seem impossible at first but if you observe your audience closely while you keep posting you will soon start to see a pattern form it been the number of people (likeing) that post or there negative/positive comment ratio on certain posts. The more you observe the more you will understand and will see that this is crucial to keeping your audience.

  2  Keep it short and sweet


There are lots of theories out there on what we think is a acceptable length some think its best to keep it all short and sweet while others think that more long intellectual posts are the way to go. The truth is it all depends on what type of blog you have, if it’s a personal social type of blog then keep it short and sweet as long complex content will belittle your audience, however if you are doing a factual blog about a intelligent subject then more long and informative as short and sweet post will make you look like you don’t know what your talking about or just plain dumb in your audiences eyes.

  3  Sharing is caring


When some one looks at your post and likes it so much they want to share that with their friends it is important that you make that easy for them. Try making links to popular social network sights e.g. twitter, Facebook and instigram, this will ingress your audience awareness of your identity and over all popularity depending on if they like the pots as well. WordPress has loads of online plugins you can use to help you with this.


4 Colour crazy


If the only colour in you blog were black and white then it would be a very boring blog in your audiences’ eyes as both black and white are very dull colours. It is important to keep a colour scheme as its professional but one with more bright and attractive colours such as reds, blues and yellows as this will captivate your audience more than the dull ones.


5  What’s the point?


One of the most, if thee not important thing for a blog is for it to have a point, a goal, a message, a purpose with out one your blog is meaningless and all your posts are irrelevant. Which can leave your audience very confused which leads to them become less and less interested in your random blog until eventually they leave it all together. So that’s why its most important your blog has a point one which engages the audience to keep them interested.


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